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Alibaba group and the negotiations between the internal change and rupture

Orders from a single one hundred or two hundred to three hundred or four hundred stations, delivery frequency from an average of once a week to almost every day, a personal computer manufacturing company business department is responsible for Miss Luo practical experience to the "price war " brings the sales volume growth. This should work at 6 every night Miss Luo, successive already 3 days work until eight thirty at night, her job is to handle Jingdong Mall, Suning to buy ( micro-blog ) and tmall ( micro-blog ) platform for businesses and other customer orders.
In fact, take the Luo, company size, business promotional platform to bring increased traffic simply homely food. But unlike in the past, this a few big business at the same time in the digital 3C and the size of home appliances field of war.
"The ' five one ' before, all our company responsible for e-commerce customer supply chain colleagues together for a meeting to work. Now, in charge of business sales colleagues must before 3 in the afternoon under a single, so our subsequent work can be completed on the same day in. " Miss Luo said, if you place an order later, transportation departments at delivery time will be busy until the very next day morning.
Channel price money to earn
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